The Boho Hippie Hut kicks off the summer at Gizzard Fest in Potterville Michigan

The Boho Hippie Hut kicks off the summer at Gizzard Fest in Potterville Michigan

Kim & I had an amazing time in June attending a couple of events. The first one we attended was Gizzard Fest in Potterville, Michigan, June 9th to 11th. I somehow got the bright idea that we needed to have a sign to put on our canopy and so I got to work on that. I created a little sign with our business name on it so that everyone would know who we are when they came upon our space. It turned out quite nice and now we'll have it for all of our future events.

sign for the boho hippie hut

New sign for The Boho Hippie Hut

We started out the weekend with the fun of setting up our new 10 x 20 canopy, what a blast that was!🥴🤣 My husband and I managed to make it happen with the help of one of the other vendors who knew what to do. Apparently because it was new, and had not been set up previously, it wasn't broke in and this made it harder to stretch to full size. I guess the more it is opened up the easier it gets to set it up. Who knew? We were so grateful for her help! What a wonderful lady!🥰 The wind gave us a little trouble blowing over a clothing rack a couple times while I was trying to hang clothes. 🥴 But we got the sides onto the canopy which helped to block the wind so we could get our displays set up.

the boho hippie hut at gizzard fest potterville michigan 2023

the boho hippie hut at gizzard fest potterville michigan 2023

boho hippie clothing and accessories from the boho hippie hut

The Boho Hippie Hut at Gizzard Fest in Potterville, MI 2023

While we were doing that, my bestie, Kim was an hour and a half away very patiently waiting on the delivery of our patchwork overalls.😱 We had been on pins and needles all week just hoping they'd arrive in time for the weekend and they did! Whew! 


                                                mushroom patterned patchwork overalls at the boho hippie hut               patchwork overalls at the boho hippie hut

The patchwork overalls were a hit with customers

The patchwork overalls we'd so patiently waited on to arrive turned out to be a big hit with the customers. Each pair is unique and one of a kind! We have two different styles to choose from, the Mushroom Patterned Patchwork Overalls and they have patchwork with a fun mushroom print fabric and come in a few color variations, orange blue or green.

We also have Patchwork Overalls that come with mushrooms and flowers stamped onto the patchwork design and come with or without a colorful splash of tie dye on them. Either style is super fun and comfortable to wear. They're light and airy and even though the temperature was in the 80's we did not get too warm wearing these all day. Totally worth the wait on their arrival because we sold out of them on the first day! <3

We had we had also ordered a bunch more new boho hippie hats for the festival and I decided while we were there that I'd have a little fun with the hats and get a few photos for the website! Just a couple of the fun boho hippie hats we got in are these jute hats. The first one is the Rainbow Jute Wired Brim Hat, with beautiful tie dye colors. 

  rainbow jute wired brim hat        Natural Jute Wired Brim Hat

   Jute wired brim hippie hats

Then we have the Natural Jute Wired Brim Hat for those who like the more natural look. Either way, they are both pretty cool hats to wear for fun or to help keep the sun off your face on those hot summer days. Be sure to check out the other fun boho hippie hats that we got in as well. 

There were so many wonderful vendors there with amazing and beautiful items along with plenty of delicious food to choose from as well! Lots of fun for the entire family with a midway of games and rides for the little ones to discover and enjoy. Definitely a family oriented festival worth going to.

snow cones at gizzard fest     food truck at gizzard fest     food truck at gizzard fest

bubble tea at gizzard fest

Food vendors at Gizzard Fest

We were so happy that the weather turned out to be beautiful all weekend for our first outdoor festival, a bit windy at times, which gave me severe anxiety hoping the canopy didn't blow over. But we adapted and prevented any major mishaps. We've also now invested in some larger sandbags for next time.🤣

Overall Gizzard Fest was a fun, successful adventure for The Boho Hippie Hut and we met a lot of new and wonderful people in Potterville, Michigan throughout the weekend! It was definitely a great way to kick off our summer festival adventures! On to the next one!

Peace & Love,

Carol Sue & Kim


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